Where have these folks been all our lives?!! They were amazing! They worked all day in the cold wind with real rakes and bags and picking up stuff with their hands!!! Never saw that last year at all! I was very impressed. Thanks, Nancy, for recommending them!


Meadowood Oaks HOA Board Member

I have lived at the Rivercrest Villas for almost 9 years. During this time, there have been at least 5 maintenance companies contracted to maintain the landscaping. Our current company, GXL, is by far the best of all the companies.

GXL has the sprinkler system working better, the trees are trimmed as needed (not by a time schedule), i f they promise to “fix” a problem it gets done without repeated requests and they are very professional. If the weather is not appropriate for mowing, the crew will trim hedges or pull weeds. I have no complaints against GXL and hope they will continue in their present capacity to maintain the lawns in the Riverview Villas.

Ruth A.

Thanks for inquiring about our experience with Red Line Landscaping Pros. They came highly recommended to us and when we followed up on their references, they received the highest accolades. Our experience with them when they started a few months ago has been similar to what we heard when we checked on their references. We like that they have their own sprinkler man and arborist on staff. They have fully addressed all of our concerns. Our biggest concern was our sprinkler system which had n working right for quite some time. They were able to correct and fix everything. especially nice is that they make an effort to have regular communications with rd so that we know the status of the projects. They performed a walk through for the community and were able to prioritize what needed to be done and create a work plan for us. This helps provide continuity from board to board. They are also willing to do individual landscape projects for those residents who request it and will pay for it. They have stayed on top of our cinch bugs (which they inherited) and have a work crew s well together. If a problem arises while they are on site, it is handled that not referred to someone else to come out and take care of it at a later date. e have noticed they have been faithful in keeping the schedule with all the chemical applications and appropriate timing of their delivery. You can see a big improvement in our community since they have begun their work here. Overall we have been very pleased with their performance.

Michele Bonneville Doves

Landing Recording Secretary